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Diane Rodriguez

The painting I have by Seamus has a special spot in my heart because I know the artist, and I know the property [featured in the painting]. It brings back so many wonderful, warm memories of the time I lived in Taos. I love it. Even at the time. My favorite time in Taos was spring; Lilacs in bloom. I’ve had this maybe 10-14 years, it’s traveled with me wherever I’ve moved. It’s one of my favorite investments. 

I love Seamus’ style, he definitely has his own style. I took a portraiture class from him. It was my very first sepia style, oil painting that I’ve ever done. I have learned so much from Seamus and I admire him as an artist. A person’s heart and soul probably go into their artwork. I love the reality of the brush strokes, the color, the vibrancy. It’s real. It’s art.

I’ve always admired his work because I too am an artist from still life to portraiture. What I love about Seamus is that he taught me how to work on board with canvas, and pasting our canvas to the boards. It was a technique I learned from him and that was unique. I enjoy his input.