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Commission Your Family Treasure

Portrait of a Young Woman

Celebrating the People You Love

There are people in your life that you treasure. Have you ever wondered how can you celebrate the people most to you in a meaningful way? One of the best ways is with their portrait painted in oils. Portrait paintings are timeless, honor the person and keep your memories of them alive for you and future generations.


Celebrating Special Life Moments

You and the people closest to you have special events in life—a birthday, wedding, graduation, bar and bat mitzvah, career promotion— which are all perfect moments for you to mark the occasion with a portrait.


The Commission Process

Your portrait will be completed in classical representational and contemporary manner.
Steps in the portrait process include:

Preliminary meeting to discuss needs, individual and family history
Plan compositions, create studies, take photographs
Final composition, final study
Mid-point review
Final portrait


Begin Your Portrait Now

Call 510.984.4143 now to schedule a free no-obligation consultation about how we can create a lasting treasure for you that enhances your life and your home or working environment.

I love working directly with you to create a portrait that will keep alive your vivid memories of the people you hold dear. ~Seamus Berkeley


What Collectors Say

Here are a few testimonials of how collector’s have felt about their commissioned portraits:

“People come into my office for a meeting and inevitably end up staring at your portraits, wondering who did them. Thank you so much for such wonderful work that I can share with my family, friends and clients.” ~Wayne W., Collector in Estes Park, CO

“I love it!” ~Sara O., Collector in Oakland, CA

“I think it is a lot fun to have your portrait and we’ve received something real: your work now forms a portrait gallery in our home and we see them all the time. In particular your posthumous portrait of our mother is extremely valuable to me and brings back memories of my entire childhood.” ~Scott F., Collector in Lafayette, CA

“My mom loves showing the portrait you painted of her portrait to all her friends.” ~Peggy C., Collector in Alameda, CA

“I called to tell you how meaningful it was for me when my wife presented a surprise fiftieth birthday gift of your portrait of my two sons.” Dan L., Collector in Ipswich, MA










Dignity, 20″ x 16″

Selected Achievements by the Artist

Commissioned portraits and noted accomplishments include:

Portrait of Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate of the United States
Portrait of Eya Fechin, daughter of Russian painter Nicolai Fechin
Portrait of Tenley Albright, Olympic gold medalist
Founder ‘Portraits of Family House’
Founder of the Taos Society of Portrait Artists
‘Best Portrait Award’, Oil Painters of America

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