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1/22 Open Studio: Unveiling Portrait 5 of ‘Portraits of Family House’

Lahoma and Demetrius Portrait Painting Seamus Berkeley
Seamus Berkeley painting portrait of Lahoma and Demetrius

Here’s a great opportunity for you to view the fifth portrait in this series before it is placed in its new home in Family House, San Francisco: 1234 10th Avenue!

This Wednesday, January 22 from 4-7pm, I’d like to invite you to share in the communal spirit of giving, resilience, and hope. 

Watch a quick preview of the Portraits of Family House project: 


On Friday, 1/17, I completed the portrait of Lahoma and Demetrius, the fifth completed portrait in this series. As of today, their story is about finding answers and having the fortuitous opportunity to forge a path into the future for their son. They’ve inspired me to share their determination and hope, and to celebrate their grit and optimism through what I know best: art, and painting.

At this Open Studio, you can: 

• See the portrait of Lahoma and Demetrius before it is sent to Family House
• Talk to me about why I think these portraits will have a positive effect on the Family House community
• Hear stories behind the five completed portraits and those next in line
• Enjoy a refreshment & mingle with others inspired by Family House’s cause and PoFH artwork

If you feel moved to be a part of PoFH, there are many ways to get involved. Visit the Open Studio to match your interest to a project need.

I hope to see you at Berkeley Fine Art Studio, 933 Parker Street, Berkeley!



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