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Here Now: Notecards!

Moher, Notecard

Original paintings are one-of-kind. so are exclusive to the one collector who has acquired the piece. I’ve always wanted to make art that is available to anyone who appreciates it and would like to enjoy it in their home or office. Yet, I’ve been concerned about creating more ‘stuff’ in the world that ultimately ends in a landfill.

Box of Chocolates, Notecard

Now, I’ve found a solution that finds a balance between exclusivity and proliferation: archival fine art prints that can last for generations. Focusing on the most popular original paintings, I’ve started an online shop where you can purchase these archival prints in three different formats: notecards, mid-size and full-size prints. The shop is now open with the first series of notecards—prints will be released soon, too!

You can see here a few examples of the notecards, which are perfect for framing or writing your thoughts to share with someone special in your life. Please click on any of the images to see more details about the notecards. You can easily add any one of them to an online cart, checkout and have them delivered directly too you in just a few days.

Two Eggs, Notecard

If you have any questions about these notecards or prints, please send me an email.

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