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The Art of Listening

BIg Pink over Blue Painting Seamus Berkeley
Big Pink over Blue, 18″ x 48″

The Art of Listening

[This is the second in a series of art and art related presentations at my studio in Berkeley, California. For more information and to sign-up visit: The Art of Listening]

“I have found it of enormous value when I permit myself to understand another person.”
-Carl Rogers

Often our first reaction to another’s expression is immediate evaluation. When we permit ourselves to truly listen and seek understanding we learn, we create depth and connection, we tap into our collectively creative capacity, we find flow and ease with others. If listening in this way is a choice, why don’t we always do it?

Naturally as human beings, we view the world though the lens of our past experiences and expectations for the future. This lens is a necessary piece of being human – it keeps us safe and allows us to navigate our lives successfully. Yet, when we need listening and understanding the most, this lens can get in the way.

The Art of Listening is a practice that provides a roadmap to what sages from all ages and cultures have taught: cultivating the wisdom of the heart is the key to real peace “from the inside out.” In our time together we’ll explore what it feels like to be a spacious listener and play with becoming aware of our experiential lenses and suspending them, moving beyond polarity and separation to presence and understanding.

About Jed Purses:

Jed Purses is an executive coach, trainer, and facilitator specializing in organizational effectiveness and leadership development. His expertise is in building a durable and strong skill base for individuals, groups and teams to call on when they need to innovate together, find understanding in challenging situations, and navigate crisis or opportunity. Jed is a gifted listener and uses those skills to help teams and individuals gain deeper clarity about their collective and personal purpose so as to guide their leadership. Jed is also a Partner with Leading Leaders Inc®, an executive and leadership team development process that transforms divergent thinking into collective genius and aligned strategic action.

In addition to listening to humans, Jed is enthusiastic about natural quiet and the preservation of our very few natural soundscapes that still exist.