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The Painting Continues in Thailand

Trees Island Beach Painting Seamus Berkeley

One of the reasons I paint is that it offers endless possibilities. It is enjoyable for me to consider new ideas for painting – what the next painting might be. And experimenting with these ideas keeps the process alive and new. Traveling is one way that can help foster new ideas.

One example of a travel experience like this was seeing the process of brush and ink paintings and the differences in their composition. In many western paintings, the weight of the painting is at the bottom of the composition and the painting fills the entire canvas. In many brush paintings, the canvas is not filled, the weight of the composition is sometimes not at the bottom and further, the whole painting is done with greater simplicity.

I wondered if it were possible to use some of these ideas using oil paints. With these ideas in mind, I worked out a composition from the balcony of the bungalow where I am staying and began the experiment. Here is the result:

Tree, Island, Beach

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