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The Trip to Tokyo

Right now, I am in the air on the trip to Tokyo. New Mexico is the winner for WiFi access. Free at Wired cafe and free at the Sunport. Denver has WiFi from AT&T that apparently no one can connect with even for the paid fees and SFO charges through T-Mobile. Of course, Starbucks, always out to make the bucks, charges as well and that’s on top of their high-priced coffee drinks!

So far, it has been an interesting beginning to this journey. The flight to Tokyo was listed incorrectly and by the time I got to the airport, it had already departed! They put me on standby for the next flight. When I went through security, they selected several of at random (including a seventy year old couple) for ‘extra special’ screening which took a little longer. Then I waited in line and ended getting the second to last seat on a 747-400! Hmmm… will the rest of the trip be like this?

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